Lorex Technology: Launches New 2K Wire-Free Security System


MARKHAM, ON, March 15, 2021 / / PRNewswire/ — Now, Lorex Technology, among the most reliable brands in smart house security, announced the launching of the 2K Wire-Free Security System, packaging twice the picture resolution and no monthly charges.

“What sets this system apart is that it had been built with each facet of an improved customer experience in mind. From double Golf Pride Tour Velvet click the display resolution, to clever house integration, and colour night vision with no monthly charges, this item provides customers better protection and enormous value,” explained Rich Zaglin, Sr.. Director, Merchandising.

The Lorex 2K Wire-Free System was created with versatility in mind. With no wires to run homeowners may acquire whole home security policy without mess or trouble getting hard to reach power outlets. The entire system could be up and running in moments. Wireless and streamlined, the Home Hub includes a slick design and gives homeowners the freedom to install up to six cameras inside as well as outside.

The machine functions with Alexa in addition to Google Assistant, offering the capacity to command and trigger attributes with simply voice commands. With a package of deterrence technologies, homeowners industrial technology receive significant alerts whenever there is applicable motion thanks to progress individual detection and the ability to fully customize notifications from the Lorex Home App. Homeowners can get and manage their own 2K Wire-Free System and footage in the Program anytime, anyplace.

2X: Double the settlement in contrast to other 1080p wire-free products. Outstanding 2K movie is available night and day for example colour night vision under ambient lighting requirements.

$0: No bothersome monthly charges for preserving, accessing, and seeing security footage.

140°: The ultra-wide viewing angle permitting homeowners to view more of what matters to them.

6: up to 6 weeks of battery life, along with the amount of cameras which may be paired with all the Home Hub to power that method providing homeowners the ability to expand their policy as needed. Enjoy the additional flexibility to control the battery without moving the camera using any instruments. Battery life could be extended by utilizing Lorex’s solar panel attachment (coming shortly ).

32GB: Supplying months of dependable storage together with all the surveillance-class WD Purple™microSD™ card contained. Centrally located in the Home Hub, you may safely and reliably save and get your records.

$349.99 USD: The MSRP of this Lorex 2K Wire-Free Security System with two cameras. Accessible at Lorex.com along with other fine retailers. Bundles with camera configurations coming shortly.

Around Lorex Technology

For 30 decades, Lorex Technology has been among the most trusted names in home and business security.

Lorex has ever focused on creating advanced surveillance products which safeguard and improve customers’ lives. With a renewed focus on appealing, high-performing protected and personal smart home goods, Lorex supplies a fully-tailored, best-in-class smart house ecosystem. To find out more about Lorex, see www.lorex.com.

Lorex Technology Found the Lorex Home Center – The New Center of Your Property

ONTARIO, Canada, Sept. 28, 2020 / / PRNewswire/ — Lorex Technology, among the most trusted names in home safety, is announcing a new, groundbreaking product: the Lorex Home Center. A smart all-purpose solution designed to simplify and revise the home monitoring encounter.

Touch, Chat and View: Using a contemporary design and texture, the Lorex Home Center comes with an intuitive 7-inch touch screen interface, which enables users to control all linked wireless cameras and accessories out of one central apparatus.


Welcome to the next generation of home safety observation. Lorex has obtained its 20 plus years of expertise within this business and developed a wire-free security solution constructed for you. This system is great for people who take their safety seriously but want to prevent long distance cabling. It comprises four battery controlled wire-free safety cameras and a safety tier Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Wire-free camera features consist of complete 1080p HD recording resolution, crisp infrared night vision, advanced motion detection and weather resistant housings to guarantee the maximum degree of wire-free security accessible. There’s also no hidden charges or monthly subscriptions going ahead for this Lorex wire-free safety system.

Straightforward setup

This security camera is engineered and designed for fast and effortless installation. It employs no wires at all – providing you more energy, flexibility, and liberty in its own installation. All you need to do is locate the ideal place, mount the device, connect it to the recorder, and you are done. For optimum performance, it’s advisable that you put the camera at least six feet (two meters) above the floor and no longer than 20 feet (six meters) from the region you want to monitor.

Advanced Motion Detection

This wire-free safety camera is produced to wake up the minute it senses movement. With an integrated passive infrared (PIR) sensor directly beneath the lens, this smart camera will spring to action when movement is detected and will begin recording. This PIR detector is only going to catch movements from heat-emitting items, like me and you, a passing car, or even your pet. It doesn’t record movement from undesirable objects, such as blowing leaves.

Long lasting lithium ion battery

Your cameras incorporate a durable two-cell lithium ion battery for electricity. Actually, this is precisely the exact same sort of battery used to power the current electric cars, notebook computers, along with other battery-operated gadgetries. To be certain that you don’t forget to charge the battery, we’ll alert you through the Lorex cirrus program once the battery is reduced. Charging or replacing the battery is simple, too. Just remove the battery in the camera (the camera may remain where it is mounted), recharge it, and place it back . *

Lorex Technology Infrared night vision

Securing your nearest and dearest and house is a 24-hour functioning. With this Lorex wire-free security camera, then you have a pair of eyes in the ready all night . Using its own infrared night vision capabilities, this camera is able to see through the darkness of the night. It includes 6 strong infrared LED’s about its own lens and can catch high quality video at night around 65 feet off. This camera also includes an automatic infrared cut filter which can automatically disengage at nighttime. This ensures true color representation throughout the daytime and high quality black and white infrared movie during the evening.