Golf Pride Tour Velvet: 360 Grips


It’s a common saying that you can’t please everyone all the time in life. But I don’t think the Golf Pride tour velvet grips folks believe that. Golf Pride grips are used by more than 80 percent of Tour players, though they aren’t endorsed for this purpose.

Their Tour Velvet is the most loved of all the golf pride tour velvet grips. All four majors were won this year by golf pride tour Velvet grips. Tour Velvet 360, the latest model in this blue ribbon line, is my favorite.

Grips can have a significant impact on how DJ Business Cards your clubs perform in different weather conditions. The Tour Velvet 360 is a great example of this.

These shoes are extremely comfortable in wet and dry conditions. However, they were designed to provide non-slip traction. I found traction to be a problem on hot summer days, rainy days, humid days and dj business cards even in the middle of summer. A cord grip theoretically will give you the best traction. However, I have found that this grip is reliable in all situations. You can see how they performed on the final day of bad weather for the Open Champ.

Golf Pride tour velvet 360 feels better to my hands than other products. This leads to a more accurate perception of the location of my club during the swing. It doesn’t matter what Golf Pride’s secret combination of material and design is, it works.

The feedback these golf pride tour velvet grips provide is not the same as a cord grip. They provide enough feedback to allow for comfort and feeling, making them the preferred grip.

Tour Velvet 360 is the perfect choice for players with hand or bone pains. One of the most comfortable grips on the market today is the combination of the rubber compounds and the surface texture. You can rest assured that the product will perform reliably.

These grips will look the same regardless of how they are installed. For the obsessive-compulsive, this means that the iconic Golf Pride logo will always be in the right place on every club. Instead, you get the double rings at the top and bottom your grips. The look is the same throughout your bag.


  • It is extremely comfortable and dependable.
  • All weather conditions are met
  • High quality and long-lasting (won’t deteriorate quickly).


  • You might not see the iconic Golf Pride logo.
  • Cord grips and firmer feedback are better options.