Strategic “Industrial Technology” Management


Investing in the ideal industrial technology across the lifecycle of products and companies puts great demands on decision and management procedures. Our study in this area aims to assist managers with insights to engineering planning, understanding technology trends and breakthroughs, sourcing technologies and assessing their worth into the business enterprise. Practical significance is emphasised through a focus on management tools and processes, underpinned by well-founded conceptual frameworks.

Management Tools for Decision Support

Assessing the development and application of structured techniques to collect, research organise and communicate the data required for decision-making and direction.

Early Stage Technology acquisition and security

Integrating critical factors related to the purchase of early stage technology into a decision support tool.


The roadmapping method was an ongoing subject of Dog Knotted research action, creating underpinning concept and frameworks, and sensible element materials technology workshop-based procedures for the rapid initiation of roadmapping in companies and in the industry level.

Industrial technology development

This project has employed mapping techniques to recognize the routines, enablers and obstacles linked to the historic evolution of technology-intensive businesses to come up with a set of resources for encouraging strategic planning.

Make or purchase

Aspects to consider when creating industrial technology (and other) sourcing choices.

Technology intelligence

The caliber of a technology approach is mainly determined by the caliber of the wisdom and advice accessible. A framework for tech intelligence was developed, including technical advice, and the use of intermediaries was researched, especially in the context of open innovation.

Technology evaluation and promotion

Recognizing and communicating the possible significance of a technology is a vital challenge people concerned with handling R&D. A procedure guide was created to support the evaluation and promotion of technologies in business.

PhD study in strategic technology direction

Analysing the development of Malaysian online shopping in Korea and China

This early phase research intends to address, by the company model innovation and company ecosystem viewpoints, the question of how companies need to responsed to the development of cross-border internet shopping.

Digital Transformation for Industrial Technology Leadership. Towards ‘Intelligent’

The convergence of digital technology, like analytics, IoT, AI and cloud computing systems, is supplying a number of substantial opportunities for companies to be lean, nimble and innovative. It’s also enabling new business units, and so is reshaping businesses bounds, that comes as an obstacle to corporate leaders, also introduces possible dangers to businesses. Research proves that digital transformation is on very top of most corporate CEOs’ agendas. This change in business landscapes is brought on by the purchase of new capacities that transforms the value creation potential and expands the range of a venture. Thus, this study is now developing a planning framework for electronic transformation by adapting nicely recognized strategic planning frameworks. Moreover, since the possibility of electronic transformation is going towards the unknown, using AI for tactical planning is researched to encourage the initiated concept of’Intelligent’ Roadmaps. Intelligent roadmaps have been designed to employ net mining to create possibly novel strategic choices.

US eliminates Xiaomi’s designation as a Chinese Military Company

Xiaomi, among China’s high-tech technology companies that dropped in the crosshairs of this Trump government, was eliminated from a U.S. government blacklist which designated it as a Chinese Military Company.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has vacated the Department of Defence’s designation of Xiaomi as a CCMC in January, a record filed on May 25 shows.

In February, Xiaomi resisted the U.S. government over its addition in the army blacklist. Back in March, the D.C. court given Xiaomi a preliminary injunction from the DoD designation, which could have prohibited all U.S. individuals from buying or owning Xiaomi’s securities, stating the decision was”arbitrary and capricious.” The judgment was created to prevent”irreparable injury” to the Chinese telephone manufacturer.

Xiaomi has this to say about getting off the blacklist:

The business is grateful for the confidence and support of its international customers, partners, investors and employees. The business reiterates it is an open, transparent, publicly exchanged, independently managed and managed company. The business will continue to give reliable consumer electronics services and products to customers, and to build incredible products with fair prices to allow everybody in the world like a much better life through advanced technology.

Xiaomi’s domestic rival Huawei is still fighting its addition in the U.S. trade blacklist, which prohibits it from accessing crucial U.S. technology and has crippled its own smartphone earnings around the globe.

Emotion-detection applications startup Affectiva obtained for $73.5M

Smart Eye, the publicly traded Swedish firm that provides driver tracking systems to get a dozen automakers, has obtained emotion-detection applications startup Affectiva for $73.5 million at a cash-and-stock thing.

Affectiva, that spun from the MIT Media Lab in 2009, has developed software that could detect and comprehend human emotion, which Smart Eye is eager to unite with its very own AI-based eye-tracking technology. The firms’ founders see a chance to extend beyond driver tracking systems — technology that’s frequently utilized together with innovative driver assistance systems to monitor and quantify awareness — and to the remainder of the motor vehicle. Together, the technologies can help them break into the emerging”inside sensing” marketplace, which may be utilised to track the whole cabin of a car and provide services in reaction to the occupant’s psychological state.

Under the conditions of the price, $67.5 million will be compensated with 2,354,668 brand new Smart Eye stocks, of which 2,015,626 should be issued upon closing of this trade. The residual 339,042 Smart Eye stocks will be issued over two decades of closure. Approximately $6 million will be compensated in money when the deal closes in June 2021.

Affectiva and Smart Eye were rivals. A meeting in the tech trade show CES at 2020 place the 2 businesses on a course to combine.

“Martin and I understood likewow, we’re able to contend with each other — and would not it be much better when we combined forces” Affective co-founder and CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby stated in a meeting Tuesday. “By joining forceswe sort of test each of the boxes to find what the OEMs are searching for with inside feeling we leapfrog the competition and we’ve got an chance to do this faster and better than we might have done it in our own.”