Tips for a “Dog Knotted” Stuck Problem



Overview: Act of Breeding Dog Knotted & Tying

A male and female dog can be convinced they are compatible and a female dog will calmly allow the male to mount the female. Either the dog knotted penis stays semi-erect or the erection becomes almost non-existent. The dorsal bone of the canine penis helps to make the penis appear more erect and allows for copulation.

Mounting is done by the male placing its forelegs on the female’s rib cage. The male mounts by standing forward with his hind field hockey goal scruffy dog limbs, and placing its prepuce (fold that covers the penis) in front of the female’s vertex. The female raises her hind quarter and front half of her tips while simultaneously moving forward. The sensitive glans penis is required to initiate the act of mating or breeding. The male holds the female with his forelimbs just below his hind limbs.

If the dog is tied for more than 45-60 minutes, a knotted stuck problem may occur

Tying occurs in normal breeding. The bulbis glandis, or “knot”, at the ventral end of penis expands in the vagina because of the high blood supply. During thrusting, both the “Constrictor Vestibuli Muscles”, a muscular band in the vagina, constricts. This physiological characteristic of dog knotted is believed to occur in order to allow complete ejaculation. The male ties the knot and places one of his front legs over the female. The male and female swing in opposite directions until they reach a point where they are facing each other. The state of union continues until the ejaculation has been completed in various stages.

Knot tying occurs during mating. It can last for between 10 and 30 minutes before the male and female are freed. In some cases, the knot can become stuck, causing pain, injury, trauma, and stress for both males and females. Dog knotted can become stuck in unusual circumstances. This can happen due to existing health problems or abnormalities in the canine reproductive system.


Dog penis knots that are stuck are an abnormality in normal dog breeding. This is usually indicated if the tying continues after 45-60 minutes of copulation. A serious problem with a dog Knotted is when reverse cycling there are signs such as discomfort, torsion, pain, blood flow, aggression, and/or twisting in the male or female. A dog Knotted stuck problem can lead to complications such as injuries to the reproductive tract and self-injury due to discomfort, secondary infections, and other problems.