Is “Pitou” more powerful than Zeno?


Silva’s orbs have stronger attacks than Zeno and Chrollo. However, is more durable than them by over 10 times. Silva and Zeno can’t defeat Pitou, even if they have all their aura. They would either run out of aura in a fight or die.

Can hisoka beat a Pitou royal Guard?

7 Can’t: Hisoka Despite the fact that Bungee Gum gives him an advantage in most fights but not against the Royal Guards, these beasts cannot be fought regularly. Hisoka, as strong as he is, has no chance against the Royal Guard members. He would require years of training to even zeke yeager come close to their level.

Nefer pitou killed the kite?

Kite uses his Nen power to conjure an eerily-sembling coconut head weapon that can be used to buy time so they can escape. Kite is unable to withstand the Chimera Ants’ strength and is shot by.

Is Pitou stronger than Killua?

Killua can temporarily outrun for approximately 15 seconds, before his Godspeed expires and he is unable to do any lethal damage. Then pitou blitzes Killua.

Pitou didn’t just kill Gon

Pitou was the same. She didn’t want to break her promise, and she didn’t view Gon as a threat at that time. Gon could cause trouble in the future, so she decided she would kill him. However, she didn’t realize that keeping her promise to him would pose a threat to King So she gave the boy his chance before killing him.

Who is GON’s first Victim?

Pitou cured the kite

We must first assume Pouf didn’t trick into believing Komugi was rescued. In that case, exactly the same thing would have occurred: doesn’t heal Kite, but instead turns on Gon and Gon explodes, killing him/her.

Did Pitou regret killing kite?

She initially left the palace to kill Kite for fun, but she decided to invade Gon and didn’t want him to die. Kite was puyo puyo rpg kinako actually her heartfelt apology.

Kite healing HXH

Blythe and whether she can actually bring someone back from death. But there are a few things I gathered together. Pitou and Gon set out to “heal Kite” together. Informed Gon that Kite couldn’t be healed, as his soul had already died.

Is Pitou dead?

  • Pitou is dead is dead.
  • Who was the one who killed hisoka
  • Chrollo

Is Gotoh dead HXH?

He is not actually alive. A Kiriko was hired to impersonate Gotoh in order to keep Killua from finding out about his death. Yes, one of the Kiriko was hired by the Zoldycks to impersonate Gotoh and conceal his death.