Fallout 4: “Egret Marina” tours Settlement


After finishing my Vault 88 build, I took a short break partly because of work. I ended up watching many videos from Sardeliac (and The Insane shecklador) during that time. Combining their build strategies and lessons with the ones I had learned from egret marina norespawns and The Skooled Zone, I decided to try something new. My initial philosophy when I started building was to have the Sole Survivor rebuild parts of the Commonwealth in a “clean”. This was my first attempt at a “scrappy” and more “lore-friendly” style of building.

This build was created using the Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition for PS4 and no building mods. Creation Club skins are what I use for my Pip Pitou Boy, Combat Armor and Combat Armor.

Egret Marina Tours

Egret Marina Tours can be unlocked by interacting with Phyllis Daily. The outcome of the interaction is up to you. However, the settlement remains unlocked. It is a wonderful spot to build. It is split between land and water, Chelsea Clinton Wedding which makes it a great spot for building. My build was inspired by my interactions with Phyllis, where she was invited to join the Minutemen. The settlement would be a Minuteman base that is oriented towards trading and supporting the Minutemen’s mini-economy.

Farming Area

Here is my Egret Marina Tours version. It is very similar to other videos I’ve seen on Youtube. This back area is often used for farming by builders because it has a lot soil that can be planted food. It is also large. My plants are mostly in this area. However, I scattered Mutfruit trees around the settlement to allow farmers to move about during the day. This is also where I let the Brahmin settle in. However, I didn’t fence it in to allow it more mobility.

A washing station is located at one end of the farm area. There are also a number of outhouses for all settlers.

Bar/Gym/Office/Guard Station

This section of brick buildings is the most difficult to build. The upper floor has been completely blown out. This was the first challenge I faced when starting this project. This video by Kevin Alibert was my sonia nevermind starting point. To fill in the gaps, I did some more work with the floors. I was able to break out this section of the building’s two floors for multiple uses.