Blue Line Aviation, a Raleigh-Durham International Airport flight school (RDU), in Raleigh, North Carolina is a highly successful operation. Trey Walters, the company’s founder and CEO, and his team have proven that accelerated training is possible. They have trained over 30 students in the last two years. 82 percent completed their training within six months. The remaining 18% took longer because they had full-time or part-time jobs. These are impressive numbers.

Blue Line Aviation’s success story demonstrates that high-quality, accelerated flight training is possible only if you have three key elements.

Team members who share your vision and values Egret Marina will build a foundation of integrity.

Amazing customer service

Success is achieved through systems and procedures.

Blue Line Aviation’s story is a testament of its core values. Trey Walters, a decorated Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran who was also travel soaps a former Raleigh police officer, is Trey Walters. He was frustrated when he began his own advanced flight training program in 2011.

“The flight schools in my local area were very disappointing. He said that all I could compare them to were my experiences with other types businesses and my own expectations. I tried several flight schools to make it work, but kept running into good-hearted people who didn’t know how to run successful businesses. The planes were very old and had little organization or structure. Their physical facilities also left much to be desired.

The third ingredient of success is the implementation of effective systems and procedures. Blue Line Aviation built everything from scratch to support its mission of providing high-quality flight training in an accelerated format. Modern physical facilities, new glass panels, professional billing, and a focus on safety are all part of the Blue Line Aviation team. Redbird FMX simulator is used by the flight school. A Diamond Aircraft simulator will be acquired in the near future. It is easy to complete the entire flight training program in six months. Everything is clearly defined and planned from the beginning. We also include buffers for weather, illness, maintenance and other emergencies. Walters stated that the real key to success is having the resources to manage everything.

Six FAA checkrides can be completed in six months. This makes it important to avoid checkride delays. Blue Line Aviation has been granted FAA examining authority to issue its Part 141 certificate. Walters stated, “That was an important piece to the puzzle.” It was a long process, but the effort and time spent has been well worth it. He said that conducting training under Part 141 together with the examining authority has allowed them to cut down on the time and manage the checkride scheduling so everything stays on track.

Walters stated that student indian electrician financing is still a challenge but that there are solutions. Negotiate with lenders. The terms and offers they publish are not guaranteed. It is smart to adjust pricing to cover additional risks and compensate you for securities required. Blue Line Aviation currently partners with Meritize Lending.