Summary – The grand mausoleum of India – Taj Mahal is the blend of magnificence and beauty! There are countless alluring features of this wonder of the world which turn it distinct from the rest of the world’s great structures. Visit this Agra to see this wonder on a same day agra tour by train.

Not even one person in the world has ever been competent enough to articulate its incredible splendor in words. It is a tombstone which comprising raw materials, holds sentiment and love. One can say the monument has been erected with the love that a married couple greatly shared in their lovely bond of marriage.

  • It was the royal Mughal couple in which the man was the great Mughal emperor – Shahjahan and the wife was his most gorgeous queen – Mumtaz Mahal.
  • The tale of their bond, their love, and parting is widespread and can be certainly experienced via this outstanding edifice.

The wonder of the world –

The monument is prevalent as one of the world’s seven wonders. Apart from the implication behind its emergence, there are a number of alluring factors which makes it an unbelievably remarkable place to visit in the world. The finest part lies in its appearance which displays its diverse moods through its diverse shades.

Many shades as any type of beauty can ever have!-

  • The monument excellently comprises as many shades as any type of beauty can ever have!
  • The Taj exhibitions a pinkish hue as the dawn approaches.
  • It turns milky white in the evening and then shows a glorious golden shade when the moon shines and the in-between variants during different hours of the day and during diverse seasons in a year.
  • With such dazzling features, it fittingly stands as the wonder of the world.

An exceptional example of Mughal architecture with classy artwork –

It upholds to be the premium example of Mughal architecture with sophisticated artwork. It impeccably merges the stylish elements from Persian, Indian, and Islamic architectural styles. Taj has been stationed against the Yamuna River as an awe-inspiring poetry in pure white marble.

The captivating tomb laid out in a rectangular outline can be going to see through a glorious gateway with the huge arch. There are fascinating alcoves that stands vertically tall and are scattered on the sides. It seems that these bays are made to guard this treasurable tomb. Apart from this chief entrance, there are three minor gateways. These minor entrances follow the red sandstone towers which are topped with domes in white marble.

All of this and much more will be conferred to voyagers in a day tour which is will be accomplished by a One day agra tour. The tour will embark from the New Delhi railway station where you will easily catch the train on time and leave for Agra where you can discover this majestic mausoleum with all of its fascinating features at its best.

Author’s bio – The Author of this article is a graduate of Howard University. He is on the world tour and has been writing on various tourist places in several nation and international magazines and generals.

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