Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids


Gratitude can be a powerful emotion that can help children and adults in many ways. It can help us relax after a hard day, make us feel positive, and remind us to be grateful for all the blessings we receive every day. Grapevine has a variety of party products that can be used conjunction with other concepts. There is something for all ages! There are exciting treasure hunts and Printable game for children, quizzes and murder mysteries for adults from all ages as well as specially designed products for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter or Summer.

What is a Gratitude Journal and how can you use it?

A gratitude journal is a place for children to write down what they are grateful for and to be reminded to count their blessings. It can be used by some kids as a daily journal, while others use it to help them gain perspective.

What are the benefits of a Kids Gratitude Journal for Kids?

People who are grateful for their family and friends live a happier life. It doesn’t need to be difficult – just a simple habit of keeping a gratitude journal for one minute is all that is required to reap the benefits of gratitude.

It is fun to keep a gratitude journal.

It reminds us all, children and adults, that even the smallest things can bring joy and beauty.


These printable gratitude pages can be folded over to make a multi-page gratitude journal. The journal prompts include gratitude journal prompts that kids can print at home on regular-sized printer paper.

These can be printed as many times you want, folded in half and stapled or used a ring binder. Then, enjoy creating your own gratitude journal. You can also take them to the office and have them bound in a spiral gratitude journal.

My Gratitude Journal Cover

The front and back covers of the little journal are our first printable page. Your child can write their name in bold, large letters and decorate the journal.

  • For kids, printable gratitude prompts journal pages
  • The second page contains 50 gratitude prompts, divided into two pages.

These fun gratitude prompts can be used by both children and adults to remind them of the little things that make their lives easier. The long list of gratitude prompts can be printed once and placed at the beginning or back of your gratitude journal to remind you to journal daily.

For kids, printable Daily Gratitude Journal pages

The third printable page contains four writing prompts that encourage gratitude in children every day.

  • List 3 things that I am grateful for today
  • Write three things you accomplished today
  • What was the best thing about the day?
  • Find a valuable lesson in the day
  • Today, how I showed gratitude
  • Tomorrow I look forward to.