How to plan the perfect trip to Capri


If you’re traveling from September to May, get in touch with the Capri tourism division, as ferries won’t be as frequent. It is time for supper! We propose reserving a table in the high season, particularly at a restaurant beforehand. The hottest on Capri Yacht charter is Paolino and Aurora, in which you will find stars dining in the tables. Another place for foodies is Mammà, a restaurant comprising the chef Gennaro Esposito. For people who crave rates that are acceptable and cooking, the best choice is Verginiello, while E’ Divino provides a festive and informal setting in a venue. Start your break right after checking into your hotel. The hour is the best time of day to soak in the context of the central piazza, once the daytrippers have abandoned and the square is joyous of Capri yet not overrun. Stake out a table and revel in a beverage alongside visitors and locals.

After supper, sample an island nightlife. Hot spots and nightclubs and the Anema e Core in Capri are situated between the Quisisana Hotel and the Piazzetta. Have the first ferry for Capri, typically at approximately 8:30 am that puts you to Capri by 9:30 am. Even though you can buy tickets that you depart, we would recommend booking to prevent disappointment in the summer months that are busy.


Finding all Capri’s attractions in only one day is impossible. However, by heading into Capri, you’ll have an opportunity to see lots of the most significant offerings of the island. From here, proceed Via Tragara into the Belvedere overlook, Marina Piccola lit from the sunset and where you could see the Faraglioni stone formations. In which you will find stores and art galleries featuring modern design Circle back around across Via Le Botteghe, Via Fuorlovaldo, and Via Cesina. Be mindful that, in the summertime, lines for both buses as well as the funicular are very long–so bring together some patience with you!

In case you don’t wish to be worried about having sufficient tickets, there’s also a day pass (UNICO Capri prices $8.60) which provides you unlimited bus rides and two excursions on the funicular. From here you can take up the funicular to the core of Capri city, the Piazzetta, or the bus to Anacapri, which although still touristy, is tranquil and residential.