A Look at Our 3 Favourite Italian Restaurants In London


Visiting a wide variety of restaurants in London is a must, and when it comes to it, Italian cuisine provides a dining experience like no other. So where should you go in London for the best Italian restaurants?

Whether you’re looking for modern, traditional, fine or casual dining, the restaurants listed below have all of it covered. We’ve listed our top 3 favourite restaurants, which have all made it onto this list for a variety of reasons. Read on to find out why we love them!

Bella Cosa

Bella Cosa Restaurant, Drewry House, 213 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9FJ

For a relaxed atmosphere and contemporary dining experience, Bella Cosa is certainly leading the way in this department. Tucked away in Canary Wharf, many a diner have stumbled across this gem of a restaurant, and have left feeling more than satisfied. Their chef, Antonio Calo’, is a member of the Federation of Italian Cooks, and strives to bring modern Italian cuisine right to London’s doorstep. Using the best fresh ingredients available to prepare the best fresh food possible is at the heart of all they do.

With a variety of dining options, the atmosphere will be perfect regardless. There are quieter dining areas for a more romantic setting, larger seating options for groups in a dining room with a view, and a private dining room, surrounded by fine wines.


6 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TQ

Specialising in freshly hand-rolled pasta, this pasta bar is a brilliant place to appreciate the beauty of Italian cuisine, and although demand is high, it won’t leave you out of pocket and it certainly won’t disappoint. They have monthly special recipes, sourced from their mother restaurant, Trullo. Their freshly prepared sauces and fillings are inspired by the founders’ trips to Italy, and they perfectly execute an authentic Italian flavour. Alternative dining options are available, with a dining room available for pushchairs and wheelchairs, in case stools aren’t ideal for you.

Whether you fancy a refreshing soda, cocktail, beer on tap, or a fine glass of red to accompany your pasta, Padella have the perfect drinks choice to accompany your food, catering to a refined palate while remaining down to earth.

Pasta Brown

Pasta Brown, 31/32 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9ED

Situated in the very centre of London’s Theatreland, family owned and run, Pasta Brown is sure to provide a wholesome dining experience. Originally hailing from Napoli, the Brown family have been feeding the London population since 1958, and still continue to do so today.

Pasta Brown have a large menu full of authentic Italian dishes, with plenty of choice for all. Freshly picked salads, freshly prepared meatballs, large thin-crust pizzas, a massive choice of pasta dishes with a variety of sauces, there is a huge array of choice, all of it homemade and freshly prepared, daily.

No matter where you choose, these 3 restaurants are sure to satisfy any craving for Italian cuisine, with all aspects of dining covered. Dotted around London, make sure to drop in and check each of them out, it’s easy to make your way around to each!