How To Become A Physical Therapist Assistant

A physical therapist assistant works with a physical therapist in providing treatment to individuals having difficulty in executing their daily operational tasks because of trauma, developmental illness or other chronic conditions that restrict their freedom. They utilize various methods, like massages, exercises and therapeutic processes to enhance their dexterity and monitor their progress to the same.


You may normally needed to acquire an associate degree from a physical anxiety therapist near me application that’s accepted by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). The level is divided to 5 semesters and is designed in a way to provide students both theoretical training in addition to clinical expertise. Certifications in related places, various first aid and hands-on expertise in physical therapy centres, prepare pupils and provide them an insight to the actual world of physical treatment. Other than this, program consists of academic classes, such as physiology, algebra, anatomy, pathology etc..


Graduates need to obtain license to be able to clinic PT. But, eligibility and standards differ state to state. For example, Colorado and Hawaii do not need permit, however, completion of a diploma program from an accredited university and also the National physical therapy assessment or some state administered examination is compulsory from the physical treatment regulatory boards.

Continuing Education

Physical therapist assistants are also needed to always take different trainings and certifications to remain updated about the new treatment methods and processes and to boost their abilities and knowledge. Courses on pharmacology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, medical screening etc would be to mention some of the numerous accepted by them to stay at level with the present treatment methods and processes.

On the Lookout for Employment

A vast assortment of job places and programs can be found. You may elect for rehab facilities, orthopedic clinics, nursing homes, using a sports team etc., in any geographic place and that also, permanent, part-time or temporary basis.

For example, together with the expanding older people, physical therapist assistants have greater odds of employment from orthopedic clinics and nursing units.


Physical therapist assistants may decide to concentrate in a certain area, such as aquatic, pediatric, cardiovascular or psychiatric physical treatment, from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). It is a choice rather than mandatory. If selected, candidates need to become members of APTA apart from five decades of applicable work experience and using various important post eligibility courses/certifications. Evidence of gifts to the profession and reference letters are also required to be filed.

Other important qualities

Apart from formal education and permits, it is crucial for a PTA to be compassionate, friendly and courteous. Individuals coming for therapy are individuals who were either through sickness, trauma, surgeries or another sort of handicap. Hence, they want psychological care and support also besides physical therapy.

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