Best Ways to Keep Your Record Setup Organized


There seems to be a resurgence in the novelty of the record player. Many people are flocking to them to get excellent sound quality and the sheer enjoyment of the hobby. People who have records and a record player set up, understand the importance of having an organized space.

Ease of use comes as a result of having an organized space. With all of the gear that comes with a record player and aesthetic being such an important component, you will likely want to avoid having cables strewn all over the place.

Here are some of the best ways that you can keep your aesthetic by having an organized record player setup.

Clean Up the Space and Get The Right Furniture

The first thing you will want to do when it comes to organizing your record player set up is to clean up the area where you intend to have your record player. If you find that you do not have the right pieces of furniture consider buying pieces made for records and record players.

There are plenty of new furniture pieces available for modern record players, but you could also go vintage and start looking at mid-century pieces. Hunting at thrift stores and garage sales will prove fruitful when it comes to vintage record storage.

Make sure that when you are selecting your furniture that you consider a piece that will help with cable management. You will want to be able to hide the unsightly cables that could be visually distracting. Also look for pieces that have multiple storage compartments, including places for records, cleaning supplies, and the other gear you will find yourself needing.

Cable Management

Another important component of having a good record player setup is having proper cable management. If you cables are all over the place it can be frustrating to use your record player and the speakers that go along with it. Reusable cable ties are the best option for cable management.

Without having a proper setup you may be regularly plugging in and unplugging cables. Make sure you find a solution that can be permanent. Find cable solutions that prevent you from having to unplug and plug in cables every time you are using your record player.

In addition to finding a permanent setup, also consider making use of cable ties in order to avoid cluttered cables. Taking simple steps like these can make a huge improvement in your setup.

Avoiding Dust

When it comes to your record player, you will want to seriously avoid accumulating dust. You will also want to avoid fingerprints. Make sure that when storing and using your record player that your hands are clean and that it is located in a clean area.

When you are trying to figure out where to place your record player, do not put it in places that can easily get dirty or dusty. Take time regularly to clean your setup. This is something that should be a priority if you want your records and record player to last a long time. Organizing your record player area will help when it comes to cleaning your space regularly.


One of the hardest parts after getting organized is staying organized. When it comes to records, it can be easy to be lax and to not put records away or putting them back in their dust jackets. In order to keep your record player in good condition and to avoid harming your records you will want to put things away when you are done using them and to keep your area clean.

Final Thoughts on Organizing Your Record Setup

If you are like many of the other record player enthusiasts out there, you will likely want your record player and your record player setup to be a focal point in your house. You have taken the time to gather all of the right gear and have found the best pieces of furniture to display your record player and records on.

When something is as integral to your life as your record player, then you want to make sure the space is set up in a way that allows you to thoroughly enjoy it. Avoiding cables being mismanaged and strewn around the space is one way that you can help to organize your space better.

Avoiding putting your record player in a space that accumulates dust is one really important factor to consider when organizing all of your gear. The goal when organizing is to hide the things that are not relevant in order to focus on the pieces that are.