Smart Tracking Solution: RFID Cable Tie Wraps


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors are almost everywhere, and we don’t think about it. For data tracking and tool management solutions, the RFID transponder is a piece of technological advancement, using the power of radio waves to identify products labeled with the RFID tag instantly.

Industries That Utilize RFID Tracking 

Inventory Serialization

Television & Film Production

Rental Services

Automotive Industry


Railroad Transportation

Shipping & Receiving


Computer Technology

Electrical Installation


Environmental Conservation

Science & Research Laboratories

Aerospace Industry

The Future Of Product Identification Management

RFID data tracking is used most often to track products moving in and out of retail stores, factories, and film production rental companies by registering the information tagged along with the product through the RFID chip. With an RFID cable tie, you can track any object from birds to transported products from long distances and through shipping materials, dirt, glass, liquid, and other obstacles.

No More Annoying Barcodes For Inventory Management             

RFID Velcro cable tie wraps make having a barcode obsolete. Instead of trying to find the barcode to scan, an RFID-enabled cable tie can be read by a scanner from long distances and through boxes or luggage, making counting your products or tools faster than with the old fashioned barcode scanner. Product identification is quick and easy when you rely on an RFID cable wrap to manage every cable and product that comes in or exits the building.

Find Warehouse Tools, Hoses, & Cables Faster

An RFID tracking system makes losing an item in a warehouse or factory harder to do. When you don’t know where an RFID tracked tool is, turn the RFID reader to the “search or find” mode and use it as a metal detector as you try to find a signal for the product gone missing.

RFID Cable Ties Are Eco-Friendly Tracking Solutions

Using the RFID data system to complete tracking projects is a perfect way to reduce the need for tedious paperwork and error-prone data entry procedures. With many brands of cable fasteners that offer RFID tracking for tool management, if you provide a product that is rented out and must travel long distances, then a great solution to keeping track of rented cables is to invest in hook fastener RFID cable wraps so that they can be reused again and again. There are cable tie companies that can even customize a logo on the outside strap of your RFID cable tie.

Use Reusable U.S. Made VELCRO® Fastened RFID Cable Ties                         

Unless you work in industries in which storing data and tracking assets are vital to sensitive and expensive products, you may think RFID cable straps are over-the-top too fancy. But if you work in the film production industry, own an equipment rental company, or are responsible for keeping track of a lot of expensive cables or hoses for hydraulic services, then an RFID cable tie with a reusable hook fastener will become your new best friend.