Diamond & Silk Net Worth 2021


Diamond and Silk, American sisters, are video bloggers, activists, social media personalities, hosts for Fox Nation, and host videos. They are sisters named Lynnette Hardaway (and Rochelle Richardson) and are well-known for their support for President Donald Trump. The campaigns garnered more media attention for the sisters in 2016 after they claimed that Facebook had notified them that they were “Unsafe to be with the Community”.

They claimed that Facebook blocked and clogged their Facebook page. Rep. Steve King invited the sisters to testify before Congress about the censorship they felt. During Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony, Republican Congress members brought Diamond and Silk censorship claims to the U.S. Congress. Since 2018, the Chit Chat Tour has taken the two sisters across the country.

Inception Diamond (Lynette Hardaway), and Silk (Rochelle Richardson), are the daughters of a prominent televangelist couple from the Jericho Deliverance Temple Church. They grew up in a Democratic household until 2015, when they changed their political views and started to support the Republican Party. After watching Donald Trump’s speech on “America First”, Diamond and Silk changed their views.

Later, the sisters, who were vocal on social media at the time, posted a video shaming Megyn Kelly for asking irrelevant and nonsensical questions during the Presidential Debate. The video went viral and the sisters were soon well-known conservative commentators on various platforms. They go by the professional names of Diamond and Silk.

Evolution Since Diamond, Silk and their fame as political analysts, they’ve appeared at many political rallies and on television. They have appeared at rallies organized by Donald Trump, such as the one in Biloxi (Mississippi) and the one Raleigh, North California. Many of their appearances have been on Fox News, a favorite channel among conservative supporters.

The Ingraham Angle and Fox & Friends were among the Fox News Shows where Diamond and Silk appeared. In November 2018, Fox Nation, an online streaming service that Fox News uses, gave the duo a show. Diamond and Silk appeared in most rallies and interviews. Lynnette is more vocal than her sister Rochelle. They were vocal critics of Anita, Black Lives Matter, as well as the Ku Klux Klan. They encouraged Democrats to become Republicans and greatly increased the support for Donald Trump. Trump invited Silk and Diamond to the stage in 2016, after having seen them for the first time.

Diamond and Silk claimed Facebook considered their page “unsafe to community” during the 2016 and 2018, respectively. Their page was also being censored, they claimed. During Zuckerberg’s testimony, the duo appeared before Congress. After extensive investigations, it was discovered that the claims were false as there was no evidence to support them.

Silk and Diamond appeared before the House Judiciary Committee in April 2018. When asked if they’d ever received money from Trump’s campaign, they refused to answer. The money that Trump gave them was for reimbursement of their plane tickets. Steve King joined the pair to introduce the Diamond and Silk Act, an anti-sanctuary bill.

Awards & Achievements Silk and Diamond have been active on most social media platforms. This is an incredible achievement. Their Twitter account has more than 650,000 followers and 1.5 million Facebook followers. They also have over 140,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. Diamond and Silk’s appearances on conservative shows such as Fox and Friends is another accomplishment. In 2021, the net worth of diamonds and silk was $1.

Diamond and Silk had a net worth $3 million as of October 2021. They have made this much money through their careers as social media personalities, livestream video vloggers, and political analysts. The duo also make a lot of money selling Trump merchandise, which they often do on their website. For $150, the duo will take a photo with you or offer to cook a meal for you.

Two sisters, Diamond and Silk, were popular after they posted a comment in support of President Donald Trump. It was not an easy task to support Trump as many people consider him a racist. Diamond and Silk refute these claims, claiming that Trump is not racist but a realist.