Strategic Industrial Technology development Management Support


The investment in the best technology throughout the entire lifecycle of products or companies requires a lot of management and decision making. This study aims to provide managers with insight into engineering planning, technology trends and breakthroughs as well as sourcing technologies and their value to the business enterprise. The study’s practical significance is highlighted through a focus upon management tools and processes that are supported by solid conceptual frameworks.

Management tools for decision support

Assessment of the use and development of structured methods to collect, organise, and communicate data necessary for decision-making and direction.

Security and acquisition of technology in the early stages

A decision support tool that incorporates critical factors related to early-stage technology purchases.

Road mapping

Research was ongoing on the roadmapping method, which created underpinning concepts and frameworks and sensible workshop-based processes for rapid initiation and acceleration of roadmapping at the company and industry levels.

Development of industrial technology

The project used mapping techniques to identify the enablers, obstacles and routines that have been associated with the historical evolution of technology-intensive companies to create a set resources to encourage strategic planning.

Buy or make

Considerations to be aware of when choosing industrial technology (and other) sources.

Technology intelligence

The quality of the advice and wisdom available will determine the caliber of any technology approach. The framework for tech intelligence, which included technical advice and the use intermediaries, was created, particularly in the context open innovation.

Evaluation and promotion of technology

Recognizing and communicating potential significance of technology is a critical challenge for anyone involved in R&D. This guide will help you evaluate and promote technologies in your business.

Study in strategic technology direction for a PhD

Analyzing the growth of Malaysian online shopping in Korea & China

This research will address the early phases of the research by examining the company model innovation as well as the company ecosystem perspectives. It will also answer the question of how companies can respond to cross-border online shopping.

Digital Transformation for Industrial Technology Leadership Towards ‘Intelligent’

Companies can be agile, innovative, and lean by combining digital technology such as analytics, IoT and AI. It is also opening up new business units. However, it can also be used to reshape businesses boundaries. While this may present a challenge to corporate leaders, it also poses potential dangers for businesses. According to research, digital transformation is a top priority for most corporate CEOs. The purchase of new capabilities can bring about a change in the business landscape. This increases the potential for value creation and extends the reach of a venture. This study is currently developing a framework to plan for electronic transformation using well-recognized strategic planning frameworks. In order to promote the idea of ‘Intelligent Roadmaps’, AI is being used for tactical planning, as electronic transformation is becoming more likely. Intelligent roadmaps can be created by using net mining to make potentially new strategic decisions.