Roofing Business Cards Folding Shingle Business Card

One of my favorite examples was the folded house-like roofing business cards that has shingles printed on it.

Use the concept: Consider how your business card could be used beyond the two-dimensional printed paper. How can you get people Locksmith Business Cards interested in your business card’s structure? You can make people play with the card, or even talk about it for longer than 15 seconds. This will increase the company’s association. Do not underestimate the power and impact of “REMARKABLE”.

  • Orange Red & Green Business Card
  • This is a simple and stylish roofing business cards.

How to use this concept: Your business card should be visually balanced. This means that the balance of light and dark on locksmith business cards each side must be equal. Use angled designs. Make sure you either center the elements or add something of interest in one corner. Balance it with something else in the opposite corner. Visual balance is achieved by using centered elements.

  • Extra-thick roofing business cards in orange and white
  • This is a solid branding design. I really like the way these look on heavy cardstock.

This is how to use it: If you want heavy duty cards but don’t want to spend the money on metal cards, print on heavy card stock and/or have your cards letter-pressed. You can also letter-press heavier duty cards (sometimes made of cotton), which can make people feel more relaxed and less anxious about selling their card. That was a hoarding joke.

  • Business cards: Simple or old-fashioned
  • This one is very simple. Decrease 2 points for the “shiny metal” logo

This is how to use the concept: Use your logo + a lot of white space + perhaps a colored area to highlight important information. Then, use white text in that area. Although I hate the logo above, it is a good example of the principle: If your logo is well-designed, this logo will be great.

  • Card for a simple and iconic roofing company
  • This card looks simple and modern. When it comes to roofing business cards, branding is essential.

This concept can be used in several ways. You can use silhouettes of houses, or the ‘Image Trace tool in illustrator. Then color them with a brand-friendly colour. Place your logo on white and place it on top of a darker, ‘brand-friendly color’. Flip the color scheme and place the card back in the brand font. The name of the person will be larger and the job title in the secondary font. The rest of the information will be written in a simple sans serif font.