How to “Lavender Painting” Flowers in Acrylics


How easy is it to lavender painting flowers?

This step-by-step lavender painting tutorial will help you!

Lavender is one the easiest flowers to paint, making it an ideal acrylic painting for beginners.

This tutorial will show you how to make lavender painting flowers using simple tools such as Q-tips. You’ll also learn how to use acrylic techniques to add texture to your painting using items that you already have at home. .

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Let’s get started! Learn how to make beautiful flowers using Q-tips.

Lavender flower painting: Materials and supplies

DecoArt Acrylic Paints available in African Violet and Lavender as well as Leaf Green, White, Black, and Leaf Green.

  1. Paint Brushes
  2. Square Canvas
  3. Wooden Skewer
  4. 5.Cup of Water

How to Paint lavender painting Flowers – Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1.Follow the YouTube tutorial instructions for the full length (plus I’ll give a few tips along the route).

Step 2.Spray your canvas lightly with water. You don’t need to use too much water. Just moisten the canvas to make it glide along smoother. Optional

Step 3.A few drops of white acrylic paints can be added to your canvas. Add 3-4 drops black paint, focusing brown belt on the edges. Black is a strong pigment so you only need a small amount.

Step 4.Use a medium-sized paintbrush to make long vertical strokes that blend white and black paint.

Step 5.You can add more black to your background to make it darker or re-blend it if you feel that the grey is too light. It is easier to darken your background than to lighten it. It is best to test your results by adding a small amount of black at a given time.