Is It A Concussion? Here’s What You Should Know


Taking a tumble, getting knocked down, or any accident that may lead to you hitting your head in any way can result in a concussion. If you live in or near Rockville, MD the hardest part of understanding a possible brain injury is determining whether you or a loved one did, in fact, get a brain injury from hitting your head. The best way to know for sure is to seek the professional opinion from experts. At Physicians Now Urgent Care, we have BrainScope One Rockville MD, to determine quickly if you have a concussion.

Take note that while some signs and symptoms show up immediately after the injury, other signs appear hours after. The best thing to do is to continue to check on your loved one every hour. As a precaution, here are some symptoms that may indicate you or someone you love might have a concussion:

1. Memory Loss

While it is normal for a person to forget how they were injured right after the event, it is a serious problem when they begin to forget events that occurred before and after the fall. The loss in memory may indicate that they have a concussion and their brain is having trouble processing their memory.

As soon as they show signs of losing their memory, take them to a hospital for examination right away.

2. Difficulty Following Instructions

Most concussions happen due to a sports-related injury. While some players feel as if they are “fine” and ready to play once more, their brain might not feel the same way. When a person is unable to understand simple instructions or if they cannot follow an assignment or play, they might be suffering from a concussion.

Take them out of the game and into an emergency room right away! Immediate action is required to prevent permanent brain damage.

3. Continuous Headache/ Pressure In The Head

If there is a traumatic brain injury after the fall a person may feel some pressure inside their head or constantly feel like they have a headache they cannot seem to shake. During these cases, it is very important to get them to an urgent care in Rockville, MD using the BrainScope One diagnostic tool as soon as possible.

The sooner a concussion is diagnosed, the faster it can be treated, and possible permanent damage can be avoided.

4. Vomiting And/ Or Nausea

After hitting their head, a person can feel sluggish, groggy, foggy, and may even lose their balance. This shift in their coordination can lead to nausea and even vomiting. These are very serious signs of a severe concussion that shouldn’t be ignored at all cost.

5. Blurry Or Double Vision

When the brain has been injured it will also affect the eyes. When someone reports having double vision or their vision becoming blurry a few hours after their fall, they should be brought to the urgent care for examination and testing immediately.

Never delay someone’s trip to an urgent care if they are showing any signs of a concussion. A traumatic brain injury can cause a lot of permanent damage if not treated right away. It is always better to get screened and checked for a concussion than to sustain an injury that could have been avoided in the first place.

At Physicians Now, we have BrainScope One Rockville MD to quickly and accurately diagnose a concussion, injuries from a car accident, or other medical conditions.