How to Remove a Blockage from Your Bathroom Sink


Bathroom sinks that won’t drain can be frustrating and disturbing. This is usually due to a blocked drain. These are some ways to clear the drain and prevent it from happening again.

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Get rid of the drains

First, clean out the drain or, in this instance, the plunger. Our sinks are something we take for granted. We use them to clean our teeth, wash our hands, and even groom our pets. It could also be where we clean out the water bowls of our pets before refilling them. There are many things that can get into the water bowl of your pet, including sand and kitty litter. This can lead to clogs in your drain. Clean out hair and other debris by lifting the plunger.

Take a plunger

The first solution may not have worked. Run the water for about a minute before you lift the plunger. Next, use the suction cup plunger to attach the sink. This is not only for the toilet but it can also unclog your sink. You should see water draining and no longer have standing water in your bathroom sink. If this fails, you can try cleaning the trap.

Get rid of the Trap

If none of the above solutions work, there is another solution. Take a look at the drain trap under the sink. To catch any water that escapes from the trap, you might need to place a bucket or bowl. The trap should be removed and reattached to the rest. This should be enough. If that doesn’t happen, it may be time to call in the professionals at plumbing. The problem might be more serious than you thought.