Defeet cycling socks introduces for Health Care


Defeet Cycling Socks Introduces for Health Care Workers and Medical Professionals

Hildebran (NC), January 5, 2020 – Defeet cycling socks has announced that it has finished development of a new sock design called the Decompressor Medical. The Decompressor Medical is a sock designed for medical professionals. It has special features that will help them deal with the demands of their job.

Defeet cycling socks received its first shipment of Decompressor Medical socks as the Covid19 virus continues to spread. Shane Cooper, Chief Sockologist at DeFeet, stated, “With our long history in making socks and accessories for endurance sport like running and cycling, we knew that we could craft socks to help medical workers feel more comfortable in their jobs.” “We worked hard all year to create socks that would also keep our health workers safe,” Cooper said. The yarn prevents the growth of microbes.

They can accumulate on the feet and lower legs, and can be reduced to extremities that come in contact with them.

Many companies joined the fight against Covid and switched their production to produce facemasks. However, defeet Cycling socks business cards decided to stick with its core competency of knitting socks in its factory in Hildebran (North Carolina). It was determined where it believed it could make the greatest contribution. “Long working days, standing for long periods of time and walking for hours, that’s very hard on the legs and feet. Cooper stated that fatigue can affect the entire body and make it difficult to help others. Decompressor Medical’s lightweight, sheer knee-high design uses defeet cycling socks Aerator(r), mesh fabric. This creates a gentle compression that supports the lower leg and makes it more suitable for medical work.

The new Defet Cycling Socks DeCompressor provides all-day support for medical professionals with comfortable 15-20mmHG compression. Natural COPPTECH yarns keep feet dry and healthy in a low-moisture environment. Decompressor Medical comes in three lengths and four sizes. defeet cycling socks medical socks are known for their quality. They offer a five-year satisfaction guarantee on every pair. For a limited time, the company will offer the Decompressor Medical directly to medical professionals at 50% off retail price. The MSRP is $40.00, and $20.00 for those who have a medical card. Limit 5 per customer


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