Three Simple Tips to Avoid Jetlag When Traveling Smart


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Three Tips to Avoid Jetlag

Jetlag is something that all travelers want to avoid, regardless of whether they’re travelling backwards or forwards.

It can be a great conversation piece but jetlag can quickly drain any holiday buzz and even impact your plans.

The good news is that it’s not luck. There are many steps you could take to get rid of jetlag. Here are some expert tips to help you avoid jetlag.

Why is jetlag so common?

Jetlag occurs because our bodies continue to work even when we are on a plane. Your circadian rhythm (the ‘internal time clock’ that regulates your eating, sleeping, and suprachiasmatic nucleus, a group of brain cells responsible for many of your bodily functions), is so good at controlling your body that it will continue to do the same thing even when you change time zones. Your body must now adjust to a new set waking hours and sleeping patterns. It doesn’t like that.

How to avoid getting jetlag while traveling

Jetlag is something frequent travellers are familiar with. According to some health professionals, travellers should start to adjust the time of their meals to accommodate the destination as soon as possible. To avoid jetlag, you can try these simple things:

#1. Drink your liquids, but not alcohol

It may seem counter-intuitive but your body will appreciate you refusing to take a glass of wine on the plane. Drinking alcohol altitude can make it harder for your body and brain to adjust to new time zones. Although drinking water will not prevent you from getting jetlag, it will stop fatigue and dehydration.

#2. To stay ahead, plan ahead

You can avoid jetlag by planning your movements well in advance.

Do you plan to take a long-haul plane? You should choose a flight time that allows you to arrive at night so you can get straight to your hotel for the best time to sleep in your new zone.

You can sleep on the plane even if it is night. If you have to, travel pillows, noise cancelling headphones, and eye masks may be helpful.

Start resetting your watch immediately after you arrive at your destination to the correct time zone.

#3 The greatest temptation for jetlagged travelers

You can fall asleep too fast, which is the greatest temptation for jetlagged travelers. You should not arrive at your destination after your usual bedtime. For the first few days this can be quite challenging, but your body will adjust faster the more you do it.

Additional helpful ways to avoid Jetlag:

  • Make sure you get enough sleep before you go on vacation.
  • If you have an important business event or meeting to attend, it is worth arriving a little early.
  • After your flight, keep hydrated
  • When you arrive at your destination, it is best to get outside and enjoy the sun.
  • Some travelers find melatonin supplementation helpful. However, it’s best to talk to your doctor before you make any decisions.
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