All About Maintenance of Air Conditioners


An air conditioner is a device used to lower the temperature and remove moisture in a closed space. Air conditioners are common in areas with hot summers and are used in homes and business environments. Air conditioning provides luxury to stay cool and comfortable all year round. For this reason, your air conditioner may need maintenance. An air conditioner is a device in which many components work together to provide you with cool air. Like most technical applications, it requires annual maintenance. Please visit our website for information.

Why the air conditioner needs to be maintained regularly every year:

Air conditioners need regular annual maintenance every year to ensure that they work smoothly and efficiently.

The air conditioner has this air filter, which can become clogged and dirty over time. They prevent the passage of air, which significantly affects the efficiency of the system. It turns out that replacing dirty, clogged air filters can actually reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners.

  • Air conditioning evaporators and air conditioning coils can also collect dust and dirt. The accumulation of dirt will reduce the ability of the coil to absorb heat. Therefore, it is important to clean it when necessary.
  • Improper maintenance of the air conditioner can prevent some units from lowering the humidity level, so too much moisture can also cause discoloration of the walls.
  • It is also important to pack the air conditioner properly before the start of winter to ensure that there is no damage or dirt that cannot be repaired. The best time for annual maintenance is before the start of summer.

Some of these problems can be solved by reading articles on how to clean the air conditioner and clean it yourself. However, it is always recommended to hire professional service technicians. Specifically for commercial air conditioners, a group of professionals are invited to find and troubleshoot problems in the air conditioner system.

In a country like Singapore, where many air-conditioned commercial buildings are very attractive and common, you may need a company to provide well-trained technicians for annual maintenance tasks. Usually in this case, AMC or annual maintenance contract is the right choice. AMC is essentially an agreement between dealers and customers regarding repairs and maintenance of certain properties. This contract with a high-quality service provider guarantees that you can use high-efficiency air-conditioning throughout the year.

The service contract suits your needs. For example, in commercial AMC A/C, you can choose how often you need service: quarterly, every two months, or every month. Many companies in Singapore provide such services. To choose the best company for your contract, you need to check whether the company provides trained and perfect technicians, whether it promises to prevent malfunctions or critical system damage, and finally whether there is a better service price.