Adobe Acrobat X Pro Review


Adobe Acrobat X Pro can be purchased as a standalone product or in the Adobe Acrobat X Suite which includes:

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  • Acrobat X Pro
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Captivate 5
  • Adobe Presenter 7
  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2
  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5

What’s new in AcrobatX Pro?

  • The Action Wizard

What is an Action? You will be familiar with Illustrator or Photoshop and know what actions are. It can be compared to a recipe, where you have to enter all the steps in order for a particular result. You can be sure to get exactly the same results if you tell the program that it will replay the steps. Adobe users have been using the action function for many years to save time and frustration. This feature is now available in Acrobat X.

This is more than just a time-saving tool for organizations. Administrators can create specific actions to ensure consistency in branding and documents. These actions can be exported to email. Double-clicking the newly received action will execute it (a mini program), which can then be imported to the user’s system. The Action Option menu automatically adds the new action. This will be a popular feature.

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Some examples of pre-built actions are:

  • Archive Paper Documents
  • Get ready for distribution
  • Get ready for a review
  • Web Publishing: Get ready
  • Sensitive documents should be published
  • Make Accessible PDFs
  • Shared Reviews Easily Manageable

What is a shared review? You can now send a document for client review or internal use. You could always send it out for review, but the shared review feature allows you to receive constructive and organized suggestions. The Acrobat web-service allows comments to be linked to or tagged to specific areas of the document. It is part of the review document so you can review any changes or suggestions. You can see who made the suggestions, when they were made and what they were for in this section. This feature is especially useful for online businesses as Web pages can easily be saved to PDF and sent to clients or management.

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Export data into MS Word and Excel. Maintain formatting

This feature has been long overdue. Adobe and Microsoft have been at odds for years. Microsoft started offering the option to convert Word and Excel documents into PDF formats. Users can now export a PDF into Microsoft format. It can be exported in full or part. This is really amazing. When a PDF file is exported to Excel, tables within it retain their formatting. It worked flawlessly, despite some glitches. This feature is simple and will remove the need for data re-entry or recreation of documents.

What’s New in AcrobatX Pro?

PDF Portfolio – Enhanced Functionality

A PDF Portfolio is an innovative format that allows you to group documents together in one file without having to modify each file. The portfolio allows you to view individual files and extract them from it.

  • A portfolio can include the following files
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Office Files, Word and Excel
  • Live Websites
  • Video embedded or linked
  • Images
  • Flash files

Although PDF Portfolios aren’t new, they are now much more accessible. A PDF Portfolio can be created in just 3 steps.

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Select Create PDF Portfolio > Choose Layout> Add Files. You can change the background image, file order and color palette as well as fonts. You can quickly and easily create a professional portfolio without any design experience.