48 Hours in Alexandria, VA


The following article was originally published on on 4/25/18.

Are looking for a two-day vacation filled with American history? Visit Alexandria, Virginia. You’ll find the city just outside Washington D.C. You can visit historic sites in town, and it’s a quick 15-minute drive to the United States capital. If you’re spending 48 hours in Alexandria, don’t miss these top attractions.

Arlington National Cemetery

Image via Flickr by Arlington National Cemetery

Enjoy quiet reflection while you honor the lives of military personnel, presidents, and other influential people who served the country buried at Arlington National Cemetery. You’ll find different hotels close to Arlington National Cemetery. Stop at the Welcome Center for maps and information before you tour the cemetery. You can explore the gravesite of John F. Kennedy and witness the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Include a walk through the Memorial Arboretum, a botanical garden filled with local and exotic trees and beautiful flowers. A few of the oldest trees have survived since the first burials at the cemetery and are over 200 years old.

You can also learn about the life of Robert E. Lee, the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War during your 48-hour visit to Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington House, a Greek revival mansion that was Lee’s home, is on the property. George Washington Parke Custis, Martha Washington’s grandson by her first marriage, originally built the estate as a memorial to George Washington.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

A 20-minute drive north along the George Washington Memorial Parkway will take you to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C. Wander through the monument featuring sculptures of the president, First Lady Elanor Roosevelt, and pet dog Fala surrounded by rock formations and waterfalls. You can also read about the president’s contributions to the country during his four terms in office. Hotel rooms near the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial include popular chains and boutique hotels.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Another favorite presidential memorial in Washington D.C. is the easily recognizable Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Majestic steps lead to an impressive sculpture of the president. The architect used the Pantheon of Rome as his design inspiration and included a dome and Roman columns. If you want to stay close to this historic site, it’s easy to find your choice of hotel rooms near the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Spend some time at this monument dedicated to the author the Declaration of Independence.

Alexandria, Virginia, is an ideal place to stay if you plan to visit historic sites inside the city and Washington, D.C. You’ll find plenty of different options for places to stay near Alexandria. If you’re interested in offbeat attractions, visit spot D23 in the Oakhill Office Building parking garage where journalists Bob Woodward met with the “Deep Throat” contact to get information about the Watergate scandal.

If you need a break from historic sites, spend a few hours relaxing at either Waterfront Park or Founders Park, sit along the Potomac. To get around Alexandria during your 2-day tour, you can ride hop-on-hop-off tourist buses, rent a car, or arrange for a private tour.